Ruxcon Afterparty

Date Sunday 22 October
Time 7:00 PM
Location TBA
Host Buo

Every year, a sad and dejected group of Ruxconners realise they are missing the social and networking event of the season as they get into their cabs and head toward Tullamarine Airport on Sunday afternoon. They turn, watching longingly out the back window of the taxi. Their new found Ruxcon mates walk, laughing and deeply engaged in conversation, toward their destiny at the beautiful Deck rootop garden overlooking the city. The cab pulls away down Queen Street, and the departing Ruxconners know the taste of regret.

But wait – it’s not too late. For those of you from out of town, rebook those flights to leave on Monday morning instead. Come unwind at the Ruxcon Afterparty. FREE BEERS await those who throw themselves whole heartedly into the party paradise.

After the Afterparty

Noted North Sydney socialite "BUO" has planned a magical tour of the inner city streets, staggering from one increasingly dodgy bar to the next in a desperate quest for "just one more cleansing ale". Follow him if you dare! As the numbers thin and the delicate pink fingers of dawn begin to bathe the gutters, will you be lying in them, or do you have what it takes to be among the last ones standing?

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