Date Saturday 21 October
Time 10:00 AM
Location Lanai Bar
Host Sam, Jay, Bridie


Who would have thought the lockpicking table was so sociable? You meet the nicest people when you go lockpicking. Learn the basics of “Steel Bolt Hacking” as you start on a magical journey of discovery, that will ultimately see you scoff at every padlock, deadlock and car ignition you come to pass. Join the RuxLox crew for a workshop, where you’ll be shown the basics of how locks work, what’s inside them and how to exploit them.

Come grab some locks, some picks and kick some brass with us over a few beers. There will be demonstrations as needed and a large number of locks for you to get practicing on of various difficulties. No experience is necessary and beginners are welcome. If you happen to be a locksport aficionado by all means, please bring your locks, tools and experience along as well.

The table will be running all weekend this year so make sure you come along!

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