Turbo Talks

Date Saturday 21 October
Time 6:00 PM
Location Lanai Bar
Host Adam Daniel


The Turbo Talk format provides you with an opportunity to get up on the soapbox and talk/rant about your current research or project, demo a tool, discuss a new concept, share your internal dialogue, brag about a hack, or show off a new exploit. In fact, we really don't mind what you talk about provided it's of interest to the Ruxcon delegates.

You'll only have 6 minutes in total to present so your content will need to be concise and on-point. With the Turbo Talks taking place in the bar we're going for an informal vibe and hoping for a lively audience.

So there you have it. A good opportunity to share the good word with fellow security enthusiasts, gain valuable feedback, and hopefully receive your weight in drinks shouted for you. And maybe your Turbo Talk could lead to a full Ruxcon talk next year!


To register please send us a short Turbo Talk proposal:

presentations 2017.ruxcon.org